Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pownal Tubs

Now I told you I would give you two waterfalls today so I am. However I am not going to post a picture of it. Simply because I don't have one. Click here to read the story. Now I am going to tell you where it is at but I can't put a map of it as the map only works if I had a picture which I don't YET! Next week if all goes well.
Now you are going to take Mt Anthony Road from RT 9 and follow it to just before the fork in the road (Fowlers Way) You should see a pull off on the left hand side. Park there. And please don't go looking for waterfalls during hunting season! It is a popular spot for hunters. If you see cars and trucks parked there wait until another day.
Now this spot is about 300 to 400 yards into the woods. Please remember from the story I just wrote (you did read the story right? You didn't? then go read it and come back trust me) Don't go by yourself! It's a hard hike if your disabled like me and it will require you to rest a few times if your not in shape. The ground is pretty flat and the hike is easy if it's not to wet or over grown. Now since I know you read my story you will know I only saw the lower falls and was not able to get a picture because I fell. But I am going back as soon as I can and get a picture.
But if you gt there before I do send me a link to your picture and I'll post yours.
Follow the stream and you can't miss it. Just watch your step and bring a friend and you will be fine.
Good Luck!

Ice Pond Falls

ice pond fallsWow! It has been a long time since I have posted anything, my deepest apologies! It's not because I have stopped hunting or that I haven't had the time, it's simply forgetfulness.
So to make up for it I have a few waterfalls I am going to post. The first one I am posting is called "Ice Pond Falls"
This is a great waterfall and it sits right on the side of the road, and as you can see from the pictures it's breathtaking. I am hoping to get some more shots as spring comes into bloom. So I will post an update then. I like getting pictures of the waterfalls in different seasons. Because you see so much more of the waterfall then if you only visited once.
So here is a Map to Ice Pond Falls

Sunday, March 4, 2007

I know this isn't in vermont but.....

Video: Multinomah falls
This is Multinomah Falls in Oregon, now who wouldn't want to be there to take that picture!

Otter Creek Falls

Otter Creek Falls
This is a wonderful huge waterfall. Although I haven't seen it in person I have been over it several times, about 6 years ago are car died up there. At the time I was actually looking for the Texas Waterfalls, although those pictures have been lost I hope to get some new ones this year.
The Otter Creek waterfall is right in downtown Middlebury you cant miss it.

Directions to Otter Creek Falls

Hidden Paradise Falls

Hidden Paradise Waterfall #1
"I'd never seen this waterfall before today, as it's hidden from any of the major paths. "
Thanks Stew Stryker for letting me post his wonderful picture.

Directions to Hidden Paradise Falls

Hazens Notch Falls

Hazen's Notch 1006 - 7.jpg
I don't have to much info on this one but I believe it is a bit of a walk to get to so pack a lunch and dress for the weather.
Directions to Hazens Notch Falls

Pownal Tannery Falls

Pownal Tannery Falls
This is another one of those falls that took me by surprise. I have driven over the bridge at least 5 times and never once looked up river to see this wonderful waterfall.
Pownal Tannery Falls
This site was the former site of the Pownal Tannery, as the name suggests, once was a super fund site. The chemicals have now been cleaned up and left a nice little park with benches where you can sit and while the hours away or, take a photo or two.

Directions to the Tannery Waterfall