Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pownal Tubs

Now I told you I would give you two waterfalls today so I am. However I am not going to post a picture of it. Simply because I don't have one. Click here to read the story. Now I am going to tell you where it is at but I can't put a map of it as the map only works if I had a picture which I don't YET! Next week if all goes well.
Now you are going to take Mt Anthony Road from RT 9 and follow it to just before the fork in the road (Fowlers Way) You should see a pull off on the left hand side. Park there. And please don't go looking for waterfalls during hunting season! It is a popular spot for hunters. If you see cars and trucks parked there wait until another day.
Now this spot is about 300 to 400 yards into the woods. Please remember from the story I just wrote (you did read the story right? You didn't? then go read it and come back trust me) Don't go by yourself! It's a hard hike if your disabled like me and it will require you to rest a few times if your not in shape. The ground is pretty flat and the hike is easy if it's not to wet or over grown. Now since I know you read my story you will know I only saw the lower falls and was not able to get a picture because I fell. But I am going back as soon as I can and get a picture.
But if you gt there before I do send me a link to your picture and I'll post yours.
Follow the stream and you can't miss it. Just watch your step and bring a friend and you will be fine.
Good Luck!


dgoss said...

Hi Sam, Sorry about the banged up elbow and knee...that's a drag. Do you have the coordinates for the Tubs? I've suspected they are somewhere near the intersection of Mt Anthony and Skipperee Road (there IS a Tubbs Road in the area, according to the VT Gazetteer...) but don't know exactly where they are. It's a long drive from Jericho to go wild goose chasing...
Thanks a bunch,
Dean Goss

Chris R said...

There is a Tubbs Road (spelled "Tubs" on one side and "Tubbs" on the other) in the center of N. Pownal, next to the Post Office and Jelly's, but that is not where the Tubbs are located. I am also sorry about your fall, though I would imagine it wouldn't be a good idea to go treking through the woods after a heavy rain. I have heard other horror stories of the tubbs but as we explorers know you should always "proceed with caution"

Chris R said...
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Rebecca Rosenberg said...

Where is the photo and directions to the tubs?

Raymond Rodrigues said...

Go to http://pownal.pbworks.com ,
scroll down until you see a link to a tubs video, and there you are.

Donna Lauzon said...

6th generation Vermonter....it's always been known as "The Tubbs" with 2 "b"s did someone change it?