Friday, January 19, 2007

Dummerston Waterfall

This was such a nice find, now I know I am putting a link to the map on here, but keep in mind it isn't perfect. I know it was definitely on Rout 30 about 2 miles north on the right hand side, tucked in a bit. So use the map as a guide line and just keep your eyes open, and on the road too! This waterfall is about 35' to 40' high, and it is a beauty. The only problem will be parking really it is on the side of the road and there isn't a place to pull off so just be careful and park off the side as far as you can so you don't get hit by any cars, it's a very busy road. You can get a nice shot from the road, there is plenty of room for your tripod and all, I suggest holding or waiting the tripod down, when Semi's go by it will move your gear and that can be a pain.
Good Luck!
Map to Dummerston Waterfall

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Metlin said...

That's a gorgeous picture - is that HDR or regular?