Monday, January 15, 2007

Hemlock Falls

This is Hemlock falls is beautiful as you can see I would say this is about 50' high. It sits of the left hand side of a dead end road. The land is not marked private or no trespassing, but if you go all the way down the road you will find yourself at someones home. So please take care and mind other people property, and by all means take out what you bring in.

You can see this waterfall from the road just roll your window down and listen, the waterfall is maybe 50 yards through the woods.
Map to Hemlock Falls

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greenmtnpride said...

You should be ashamed of yourself for perpetuating and enabling the exploitation of my beautiful state. There are enough people here already and tourism is destroying everything that makes this place the most beautiful and sacred land on earth. Outsiders will never love this place the way true Vermonters do. They see it as nothing more than a notch in their belt to be able to say they have a second home here, or ski here, or have peeped the leaves here. Secrets were meant to be kept. Please stop before there is nothing left to enjoy.