Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow Falls

This is just a beautiful waterfall. You can barely see it from the road so slow down and drive carefully as the road is a narrow dirt road, but well traveled. Please keep in mind this waterfall looks to only be reached in one of two ways either walking up stream about 1/2 mile to reach it or right next to it is a cabin. Please remember not to trespass, I have never met the people who own the cabin and have left a note asking for permission to go onto there land to get to it. But have heard from them
You can see it from the road once you get out, the evergreens are very thick, so it is somewhat of a hidden treasure. I reached by scaling down the side of the hill careful not to trespass.
Then stood in the water and got my shots. Make sure if you are there to take a picture you bring what you need with you. It will make things much easier.

If the people are home I would ask first just to make sure. Besides they might say yes.

Map to Snow Falls

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Arun Pillai said...

Liked the write-up and picture as well.Keep up good work